BATHROOMamerpsycho0511.pngThis week we've all learned so much about etiquette: how to act at a museum, and eleven other tips on how to behave while roaming the city. And now, to close it out, here are some tips on how to use your office bathroom. Women's Health provided some tips on this, and we've included some of those with some of our own below. It's absurd that grown adults need to be reminded of these things, but we've seen enough passive-aggressive notes to prove that some office mates just don't get it.

  • Clean up after yourself. (Game: try not to leave behind any trace of your bodily fluids!)
  • Always flush the toilet.
  • If there are several open stalls, try to choose one that's not right directly next to one someone else is using.
  • Don't hang out and chat in the bathroom.
  • Did you drop a paper towel or toilet paper on the floor? Pick it up and throw it in the trash.
  • Are you a man in the ladies room? Okay, but put the seat down please.
  • Hey, there's your coworker next to you. Look around, are you in a bathroom standing at a urinal? Then be quiet.
  • And it wouldn't kill you to familiarize yourself with the International Choice of Urinal Protocol, men.

And of course, always wash your leather-gloved hands after attempting to strangle a coworker.