Dunh dunh DUNH! It's the most insane shopping day of the year, thanks to most people being off and feeling that the day after Thanksgiving is an acceptable beginning to the Christmas shopping season. However, some stores were actually open yesterday, giving turkey and football some competition. Some stores opened at 5AM today, others at 6AM. In fact, some people have been flying in from overseas, perhaps to take advantage of the exchange rate!

Are you going crazy with the shopping today? Or are you just plowing through leftovers and hitting the movies? A Gothamist relative went to the Times Square Toys R Us this morning at 3AM, to wait in line for a Wii...only to (1) find out at 5AM that the shipment didn't come in and get kicked out of the store at 7AM (well, the security said, "We're not kicking you out...you just can't wait in the store anymore"). Those nerds are such suckers!

The Reverend Billy was at Macy's this morning (5AM!), to remind people to Stop Shopping, as people can take up to four months to pay their holiday bills. We hear that even though a security guard physically lifted Reverend Billy up to take him out of Macy's, the guard was "disturbingly pleasant." He also went to the 57th Street Victoria's Secret and will be in SoHo today at 3PM. See photos of Reverend Billy at Macy's here.

And Gowanus Lounge has an excellent Black Friday alternative: Adopting a pet from a shelter or contributing to one as a gift.

Photograph of Reverend Billy at Macy's on Black Friday by Fred Askew Photography