Adopting a cat is always a good idea—Science Says Cat Ownership Is Related To Longer Lifespans—but today is an especially great time to contemplate being a kitty parent: August 17th is Black Cat Appreciation Day and the ASPCA is waiving adoption fees for all adult black cats (plus they'll get a hard cat carrying case), and black kitten adoption fees will be discounted from $125 to just $50!

The promotion run from today, August 17th through August 21st at the ASPCA's Adoption Center at 424 East 92nd Street. The ASPCA shared pictures of some of the black cats up for adoption and there's nothing that says you can't adopt all four.

Black cats still face a bad rep because of dumb superstitions from the Middle Ages. Some studies show black cats face more adoption difficulties, and some organizations do not allowed black cats to be adopted in October, over fears of cruelty (which may or may not be real). At any rate: These fuzzies deserve a loving home!

And if you like these cuties, you might enjoy the Black Cat Appreciation Page.

[Disclosure: My family adopted a kitten from the ASPCA last year; we named her Claire and she's just a funny weirdo. We also have a black cat, and I can confirm he's a real Ninja Cat, especially when it involves green beans.]