2003_11_homereats.jpgIf it weren't for The Sun, then Gothamist wouldn't know that emulating the eating habits of TV characters, it might be unhealthy for you. In fact, Gothamist had been subsisting on the Sex-and-the-City/Sopranos/Simpsons diet until The Sun showed us the light of day. Their verdict on...

The Simpsons
Food intake: With his couch-potato lifestyle and ability to munch his way through a dozen doughnuts, pizzas, Krusty burgers, pork chops and beer in one go, middle-aged Homer should really be heading for his death bed in cartoon favourite The Simpsons.
DR: His cholesterol levels must be sky-high. Throw in the fact he is overweight and you have an obesity problem that will affect heart, lungs, back and possibly lead to diabetes.

Tony is a comfort eater...he loves to eat after he has had somebody “whacked” or when he is feeling guilty for cheating on wife Carmela. And considering both of these are regular events and that he has a huge love for Tiramisu, pasta, pizzas, meatballs, cigars, whiskey and red wine, it is little wonder that he is prone to piling on the pounds.
DR: ...he is asking for high blood pressure, obesity, premature arthritis and back problems.

Sex and the City
Food intake: [Carrie] has a daily intake of food that usually involves little more than a cherry from her Cosmopolitan cocktail or a lettuce leaf washed down by copious amounts of wine
DR: This is the typical diet of a singleton – smoking and drinking far too much and grabbing food on the run. While she looks fine now it will ultimately age her skin and in a few years it will take its toll. More importantly, such a high fat/low fibre diet increases the risk of breast and bowel cancer in later life.