This year's Governors Ball was blessed with good weather on Friday and Saturday (though the fields were soggy from recent rainstorms), but the skies fully opened up on Sunday and delivered a torrential rainstorm, lightning, and thunder. The big weather event happened after an earlier delay because of weather concerns—around 11:30 a.m. Gov Ball organizers announced that the lineup had shifted, and the gates would open at 6:30 (around six hours later than planned). At approximately 9:30 p.m. they announced a site evacuation, and just before 11:30 p.m. organizers sent out the following statement:

After close consultation with NYC officials and law enforcement, it was deemed necessary to cancel the event for the safety of our festival goers, artists and crew. We are as devastated as our fans by this decision, but nothing is more important than the safety of all attendees. While the festival is always rain or shine, we can’t proceed in weather as severe as tonight’s storm and lightning. Evacuation procedures were followed, and at this time, the island is clear of all guests.

They have also announced details about refunds: "All customers who purchased a Sunday ticket and Sunday transportation ticket through the Gov Ball ticketing page will receive a refund directly to the account used to purchase. All customers who purchased a 3-Day Pass and 3-Day Transportation pass directly through the Gov Ball Ticketing page will receive a partial/pro-rated refund directly to the account used to purchase. At this time we expect all refunds to be processed within 21 days."

Following the cancellation, attendees uploaded photos and videos from the concert site as they tried to navigate a way home. One Instagram video shows concertgoers vandalizing an art installation as security guards use force to intervene. The video below (you need to swipe to the second video) appears to show a security guard throwing a punch at one attendee, while other concertgoers are dragged to the ground. The uploader wrote, in part, "Prior to the video teens and adults decided to take apart the structure... 'rent-a-cops' decided to BEAT helpless individuals. As you see, some officers decided to brutally PUNCH KIDS and assault adults that did nothing to warrant the action."

We've reached out to Gov Ball organizers and we're told they have "shared this video with our team to assess." We'll update when we have more information on this.

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#govballnyc was bullshit. I’m not even talking about the cancelation of beast coast or the strokes or sza BUT IT WAS their NEGLIGENCE and the EXCESSIVE FORCE used by the securityguards in response to the deconstruction of a fucking hall of colored panels. Prior to the video teens and adults decided to take apart the structure previously mentioned. In response, as @shhuree said, “rent-a-cops” decided to BEAT helpless individuals. As you see, some officers decided to brutally PUNCH KIDS and assault adults that did nothing to warrant the action. After the video was taken I went after the security guards reminding them that they are not allowed to ASSAULT people. I was then pulled out by a security guard who I then told that he “was not allowed to touch me” in response the security guard told@me “not to test him today”. That is bullshit. The first picture is from the walk that we had to do from gov ball to 125 street. People and to go fucking sludging through the mud and POURING RAIN. The gov ball staff did ALMOST nothing to help the THOUSANDS of people get from the island to manhattan. Rather then cancelling the event, @govballnyc decided to postpone it for the time that it did not rain and have the festival during the time that it was raining. Im@not even mad that my@money was wasted, im mad that security officers were allowed to BEAT people and that gov ball coordinators left us to fend for ourselves. Hold gov ball accountable.

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Below, a tweet (and Instagram) storm following the cancellation announcement:

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happy #govballnyc

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The above uploader described the chaotic post-cancellation scene well, writing, "So Governors Ball basically ended the way ‘Jurassic Park’ began. Except without the dinosaurs and with a giant stampede of people tearing down all barriers and fences and walking across the bridge into Manhattan because the organizers—who were cautious enough to cancel the first half of the day because of the possibility of severe weather conditions—didn’t have a solid plan for an emergency evacuation in case those severe weather conditions decided to show up."

While the masses we're all, "Oh shit we're gonna die," people in the VIP section thought everything was handled wonderfully! (This is also how things will play out five minutes prior to a meteor hitting earth.):

The Strokes have not announced any make-up shows, but posted a statement, saying, "We are glad that everyone stayed safe but we’re just as disappointed as you are that we didn’t get to play tonight." But at least one young man handled the cancellation in stride, appreciating what Mother Nature was putting down, and declaring: "...the apocalypse was lit."