Something named "Philth-Y" presents something we've all been waiting for: the Battle of the Blogosphere. Lay down your bets and put your money on either Fluxblog or Stereogum as they face off, armed only with their knowledge of mashups and downloads of the "next big thing". Which music blogger will prevail? We have no idea, but we're betting that Norwegian pop tart Annie is played at least 4 times throughout the night. Come meet the contenders...

In the right corner we have: Fluxblog!

Now entering its fifth year on the internet, Matthew Perpetua's Fluxblog.org is a pioneer of the mp3 blog movement. The site is known for covering an eclectic range of music, but mainly pushing its "fluxpop" aesthetic, which Pitchfork's Scott Plagenhoef describes as "tracks with a pop sensibility and communicative, crossover potential that are nevertheless more often transferred via 0's and 1's than Hot 97's or Radio Ones." Fluxblog has been either featured or referenced in the NY Times, LA Times, Rolling Stone, SPIN, The Guardian (UK), Newsweek, Wall St. Journal and Chicago Tribune among others.

And in the left corner we have: Stereogum!

Also entering its fifth year, Stereogum.com has been named Best Music Blog by Spin, Teen People and Forbes. Even Newsweek thinks it's hot. The site examines music through the prism of popular culture, and with over 500,000 unique visitors a month, it's safe to say it's the place for "indie yuppies" to discover the latest buzz bands. Site founder Scott Lapatine was recently ranked USAToday.com's 76th Top Person of 2005. Scott will be joined on the decks by co-bloggers Jim Jazwiecki and Jed Teres.

Can bloggers deejay? Come find out tonight. Drink Specials from 9-10pm. Sneaker giveaways from Converse and clothing/skate deck giveaways from 55 DSL.

Tonight // 9pm // Luke & Leroy [21 7th Avenue] // Free