Turn it up

Happy 11/11/11 to everyone... after all, today isn't just for corduroy lovers. It's for doomsday lovers, and numerology lovers, and astrology lovers, and people who just like to believe in a little bit of good luck. It might also be for the Mayans. But this day has happened before, in 1911, and The NY Times was ON IT. That day, the paper wrote:

Today it is possible to write the date with the repetition six times of a single digit. It is the eleventh day of the eleventh month of the eleventh year, and so one may save time and just put it down 11-11-11. It will be a century before the same thing can be done on Nov. 11, 2011 though, of course, on Dec. 12th next year there will be a close approximation to it with 12-12-12 as a correct presentation of the date.

Still today for the last time until the error is changed will one digit appear seven times in the date, however it be written. Today, 11-11-1911, 800 years ago this was beaten by writing 11-11-1111, on Nov. 11, 1111 but it is not likely that the precise monkish scribes at that time would have allowed so slovenly a method of recording an essential fact. As none of us is likely to be living in the year 11111, it would be well for those who delight in curious trifles to take their fill of enjoyment out of this method of dating today, 11-11-11.

Yeah, well, they didn't have a full moon on their 11/11/11 (unsubstantiated!). Though they did have all kinds of "spooky things" happen. BUT WE'RE GOING TO BE JUST FINE. Make a wish, and stay tuned for our 11 tips on how to celebrate 11/11/11! (You're welcome. Signed, The Internet.)