Well, now we know why The Donald didn't pursue his dream of leading the free world! Why would he want to take an annual salary of $400,000 that forces you to live in your office building and make hard decisions when you can curiously eat pizza in one of your many developments while pulling in $65 million a year from NBC for saying "you're fired?"

The Post reports that the massive deal the Peacock network used to keep Trump's hairpiece firmly attached to its Sunday night lineup was worth an estimated $160 million over two years. That windfall will be split between Trump and Celebrity Apprentice co-producer Mark Burnett, but Trump gets a bigger chunk since he's the face of the brand.

Trump, who is busy postponing the luxury villa portion of his Scottish golf course, is not commenting on his salary (he's never one to talk about money) but if the numbers that the Post gives are correct—and something does seem a little odd about reality mastermind Burnett only getting $15 million a year to Trumps $65—this means he is the highest paid reality personality going. That title used to belong to Simon Cowell, who was getting $45 million for his last turn at the American Idol judges table.

Jersey Shore kids? You've got your work cut out for you.