Gothamist is aware that you're probably already finding yourself pulled towards the sweet Sirens sounds promised to be coming from Coney Island tomorrow, but we wanted to give you a reminder of the event in the form a preview. We are really excited about it ourselves and are having a problem figuring out which acts to catch, so here's our rundown for your sake and our own...

First stop:The Main Stage @ 1pm Beer Tent @ 12:50pm

Second stop: The Main Stage @ 1pm for the Ponys
We're curious about this band, we've heard around town they're worth checking out and if nothing else we'll be in prime spots for the segue into our...

Third stop:the Fiery Furnaces (also @ the Main Stage, 2pm)

Fourth stop: back to the Beer Tent for approximately one hour while trying to decide what to do about the next bands. You see, they have put TV on the Radio up against the Fever. This causes Gothamist much confusion. Personally we think we'll be sticking with a favorite of ours, the Fever, but if you want to check out both you probably could as TV on the Radio goes on at 4 (Main Stage), and the Fever goes on at 4:30 (Stillwell Stage)

Fifth stop:Electric Six @ 530pm (Stillwell Stage). Gothamist knows nothing about this band except the fact that very recently Steve-O from MTV's Jackass has declared war on them. Actually his band, Wild Boyz, has asked that anyone in attendance at their shows throw eggs at the stage.

Sixth stop:Blonde Redhead @ 6pm, the Main Stage.

Seventh stop: It's a good thing our absolute favorite man in the entire world is up next, as we would surely pass out from exhaustion (read: beer drinking, sun soaking, egg tossing...) at this point if this wasn't the case. 8pm, Main Stage, Death Cab for Cutie.

Post Seventh-stop Gothamist will be attempting to get an interview with Ben Gibbard for Sets and the City. Wish us luck.

For the entire line-up please go to the Village Voice, where they also have summaries on all of the bands and some mp3's too!

Check list:
sun tan lotion
musical curiousity

Coney Island
Saturday, July 17th, 2004
12:00pm - 9:00pm

addendum: this is a KEXP sponsored event. Check out the interview we did with John Richards last month to learn more about the man behind the station.