2007_03_observertab.jpgTwenty-five-year old Jared Kushner hasn't owned The Observer for a year yet (he bought it last July), but it seems he's fully immersed and determined to make it his own. He's changed it from broadsheet to tabloid-style, which has gotten mixed reviews, but hey, now it's clear that it's not Arthur Carter's Observer anymore. The NY Times, though, wonders if Mr. Kushner will tire of his trophy newspaper, especially given his only other foray into journalism was an article about Harvard's food.

Apparently, Observer editor Peter Kaplan has tried to make sure Kushner would love the news business -and it seems like he's done well, since Kushner seems more excited about the paper now than when he purchased it. But the true question is will it last? The Times also points to a former Post owner's struggle with that paper:

“In real estate, you can work 15 hours a day and get it all lined up with your suppliers, and you can use reason and make that thing work for you,” said Peter Kalikow, the chairman of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Born into a successful family real estate company, Mr. Kalikow, who had no news experience, bought The New York Post in 1988 and owned it until October 1993 when he declared bankruptcy and the paper teetered into near oblivion. “In a newspaper you can work 300 hours a week and it still won’t make a difference.”

Hmm, forget whether Kushner will keep Observer - can we expect Jared to be running the MTA into the ground like Kalikow in the future?