Hamilton, that show everyone's talking about but no one can see, has nearly doubled the price of its most expensive seats. Since the show's sold out through next January, the increase—up to $849 from $475—isn't all that newsworthy, especially considering a rear mezzanine seat ticket to a 7 p.m. showing next Tuesday is going for upwards of $2000. What is good news, though, is that the show will also double the number of $10 lottery tickets available, so by 2017 you've got a teensy bit of better chance of seeing the show. Not by much, mind you, but you might as well take your shot.

The Times reports that about 200 very expensive fancy people seats, primarily those in center orchestra, will go for the big bucks—regular seats will also see a price range uptick from $139-$177 to $179-$199. But there'll be about 46 $10 lottery tickets in the two front rows up for grabs, up from the 21 that are currently available.

The price jump is record-making, considering the most expensive premium ticket ever sold for a Broadway show is $477 (for Book of Mormon, remember when THAT was the big thing?). Jeffrey Seller, the show's lead producer, says the hike's thanks to the scalpers, who've been driving up the cost of Hamilton tickets like crazy. Orchestra center tickets to Saturday's 8 p.m. performance, for instance, are available on StubHub for as much as $2,700—on July 9th, which is apparently Lin Manuel-Miranda's last night onstage, there are two tickets available for $14,800.

The price hike and the extra lottery tickets will all be for shows that take place long after Miranda leaves, and with most of the castmembers' contracts up in July as well, there's a good chance folks who shell out for these babies will be seeing a different crew onstage. Still, it's worth trying to grab the cheaper under-$200 seats—a block of which will be released after the Tony Awards on Sunday—if you can afford them. And it's even MORE worth it to try to get those $10 lottery tickets—here's how you get them, if Lady Luck's on your side.