Thank you, readers: Your help has helped us get THREE Weblog Awards nominations! And considering the company we're thrilled to make the cut. We're nominated for Best Group Weblog, Best Non-Weblog Content of a Weblog Site (what is that, exactly?), and Best American Blog. We face off against Jason Kottke in the Best American Blog category, but we know who'll probably prevail: That kid who played Wesley Crusher.

Our vote for best web applications for weblogs will go to Movable Type, who also scored a nominated for TypePad. And we're also happy to see a lot of sites we enjoy nominated: Kottke and Gizmodo are both up for best computers/technology blog, while Satan's Laundromat was nominated for Best Photoblog. low culture was nominated for best-kept-secret weblog, as was LasagnaFarm. And we're going to have to vote for Anil in the lifetime achievement award, or else he'll hunt us down. And 'cause he's getting old.

So, thank you again for nominating us, and please continue to show your support by voting here. We'd really like the cumulative $60.12 in prize money: That's a lot of BBQ.