As we've reminded you time and time again, public transportation is a shared space, and while personal hygiene is very important, it should be attended to in the privacy of one's home and/or preferred Starbucks bathroom. These activities include, but are not limited to: nail clipping, dry skin clipping, shaving/nose-picking, and zit-popping. And today, we've got a new train digression to address—nose hair tweezing.

The above gentleman was spotted by a tipster onboard an LIRR train from Manhattan yesterday evening. Per tipster:

Just moments ago I captured the attached image during my commute home from Manhattan to Long Island. A friend recommended I submit this to you, because it is pretty outrageous. Exhibit A is a somewhat well dressed "professional" who has been tweezing his nose hair on the LIRR for 30 minutes. The only thing that could have made this better (worse?) would have been if he was next to one of those PSA grooming posters that are apparently more necessary than I previously realized.

Sure, an LIRR train isn't quite as classy of an establishment as a C train car, but it is still not a great place to tweeze one's nose hair. Actually, there is no great place for that sort of activity, as tweezing your nose hair is rather unhealthy, and those little hairs sticking out of your nostril protect you from breathing in evil pathogens. Trim instead, but do it at home.