Now is where we update you on Six Feet Under, a Gothamist favorite. We are now three episodes into the season, be sure to check out our recap of last season.

First up, the newlyweds (dare we say hotter than Nick & Jessica?)...George & Ruth. We are getting the feeling that George is not fitting in all that well with the other Fischer's. He spouts out facts about nothing in particular and he replaced the formica kitchen table. Boundaries George, you have crossed the line.

We called it, Arthur is insane. He's cracked under the pressure from holding his feelings in about Ruth and as of last night, has made a hurried departure from the Fischer home. He may or may not have been sending boxes George.

Nate is dealing with the loss of his wife Lisa by quitting the funeral biz and spending time with Maya. Sleeping with someone in the Mommy & Me class expediates the grieving process, apparently.

Rico continues to be under the spell of the stripper, Infinity Sophia, and keeps giving her money and presents. It is unclear as to why, but we think it has something to do with his need to help everyone (but himself.)

Brenda is trying to be normal with her new neighbor/boyfriend, Joe. So far so good. Although we're pretty sure Billy will show up one of these days to put a jolt in this normalcy thing.

Claire has some new friends, including Edie (played by Mena Suvari). Claire is unaffected by her other new friend, Anita, making out with ex Russell and upon finding about it brushes it off and asks about Edie's sexual preference. This makes Gothamist wonder...will Claire start experimenting?

Which brings us to David and Keith, who need to become more exciting!

Last nights episode ended with the Fischers burning their old items whilst the entirity of Lucky from OK Computer blared out of Claire's open window. It was symbolic and we are certain to see in the coming weeks what will rise from these ashes.

Have you missed anything this season? Watch all 3 episodes on Sunday starting @ 8pm and catch up.

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