It's been over six months since the untimely death of Beastie Boy Adam Yauch, and many of us still have a hard time believing he's actually gone. But the surviving members of the trailblazing rap group are still with us, so let's send some birthday love to Michael Diamond, a.k.a. Mike D. Happy 47th birthday, Mike D, with your bad self running things, with your bad breath onion rings. All the horny Boomin' Grannies out there don't have to worry so much about robbing the cradle these days:

Like fellow Beastie Adam Horovitz, Mr. Diamond has been keeping a relatively low profile, but he has been volunteering out in the Rockaways, helping bring good food to the Hurricane Sandy-slammed peninsula. The Rockaway Plate Lunch Truck project has been serving 1500- 2000 people per day, in a partnership with Chef Sam Talbot , the Fat Radish, Spotted Pig/ Breslin, Back 40, L'artusi/ D'ell Anima, and others. As one local told us last week, " "One thing we're doing out here is eating better than ever."