The non-election-related water cooler question: Did you see Borat? Did you brave crowds of people (mad rush at multiplexes, lines around the block at smaller theaters) to witness a Jewish Englishman portray a hapless Kazakh journalist with a chicken in his suitcase? Did you wonder how the crew was not arrested? Everywhere we went, people were talking about Borat. At the restaurant. At the grocery store. In the subway. All. Talking. About. Borat. Hell, people were buying tickets to Babel and The Departed because they couldn't see Borat. Which proves that if you send your silly, controversial, anti-Semitic mustachioed character on every news outlet possible and you'll get a number one movie.

Did you enjoy the movie? We did and spent most of Saturday watching deleted scenes on YouTube. One thing that we didn't like about Borat: The fact that we had to see about a gazillion trailers beforehand. Sure, we understand that marketers want to show off their movies, but most of them were marketed to the frat-boy demographic - Balls of Fury, Smokin' Aces, The Tenacious D movie, Van Wilder: The Rise of Taj - and the trailers became repellent.

And the NY Times' David Carr had boycotted the film ("Who wants to see yet another film of some guy who can’t type making fun of his profession?") and wasn't expecting Borat to be a success: "Who would have thought that a fresh, wildly inventive comedy would obliterate hackneyed reruns of franchises that did not have much rubber on their tire to begin with?"

Photograph of the AMC Empire 25 on 42nd Street