In the season premiere of Mad Men, Don Draper is set up in his new city digs (circa 1964)—which we find out is in the vicinity of Waverly Place and 6th Avenue. True/Slant set itself upon a mission this week to find out the exact address where the ad man lives in season 4, and they're pretty certain it's at 136 Waverly Place. The 16-story apartment building—better known as The Waverly—was built in 1928, and still stands today.

The True/Slant team visited the apartment building (but neglected to take photos!), and report back saying, "It had the right look. Old, discreet, maybe 100 apartments, faded yellow brick facade, just off the corner, southwest side. The lobby’s dark, art-decoish, with a diamond-pattern floor." They also note that in the early ‘60s rent there was probably a couple hundred a month (currently, a one-bedroom goes for $769,000; a three-bedroom goes for $3.7MM).

Fans of the show don't seem very fond of Don's new place—calling it "terribly depressing" and labeling it a man cave. But taste aside, do you think it could be at 136 Waverly? The Mad Men team are sticklers for detail, and the windows seem very off—it almost looks like Mr. Draper may have a balcony (or at least windows almost down to the floor), which The Waverly doesn't have. (More shots of the apartment in the first episde, which you can watch in full below.)