It was only a couple of weeks ago that news came of Spin Magazine's big sale to Buzzmedia, a company that owns online music sites like Stereogum. At the time, a rep for the company said, "Spin to us is more than a print magazine... People are using multiple platforms to consume more content and context from the brands they believe in, and we see the ability for Spin to bring more storytelling to digital platforms.” However, they said the print issues would stay alive.

Now the NY Times' Ben Sisario reports that Buzzmedia has fired 1/3 of Spin's staff, including Steve Kandell, the editor in chief of the print magazine. On top of that, they have suspended publication plans for the magazine, and cancelled this year's November/December issue. While they haven't stated that they're ending the print edition, it now seems possible that the next issue, the September/October, could be the last.

If you want to keep hope alive, the company did release a statement saying they are "committed to moving forward with print," but added they need to determine "exactly how print fits in with Spin’s multiple distribution points and growth initiatives."

Oh well, let's just bring Zines back?