Original Photo Collage by Jen Carlson based on image from Splash News

This week a photo of Jon Hamm hit the internet showing the actor leaving Barney's in New York with his girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt. This isn't really a big deal, except that the photo circulating shows Hamm's man parts clearly defined through his trousers—either that or he's smuggling some leftover matzo balls from Lansky’s.

What we're saying is, Hamm's ham is huge, IF the photo hasn't been altered. We want to believe, but what do you think: Has the tv ad man fallen "victim" to the world's most flattering, albeit subtle, Photoshop?

UPDATE: The consensus is that these photos are UNALTERED. There has actually been previous documentation (and a whole Tumblr!) showing the prominent body part, and word has it that Hamm likes to go commando. But to be sure, we've reached out to Hamm's publicist to see if we could schedule an in-person meeting with the actor to confirm.

[via VH1]