Photo by Nic Garcia/Gothamist

Yesterday when Banksy's Red Hook warehouse was discovered, we went to investigate. While the lot was being watched by guards, Chris Robbins managed to get in, telling us this car under a tarp was "the only remotely suspicious looking thing" there. Nic Garcia went back around sundown and saw the car, noting someone had gone through the trouble to really secure a tarp on there good. He also had some theories about the shape... look familiar?:


Marc Yearsley returned to the scene for us this morning, and the car is still there, and it's likely Banksy is still in the process of relocating to a new secret location. So IT ALL ADDS UP. Will we be seeing this car before the end of the month? Or maybe it's just some random car... in a guarded lot in Red Hook... securely hidden by a tarp. We're okay with wild speculation, it's part of the fun.

So far the only piece with a car in it was the WikiLeaks themed piece in the empty lot on the Lower East Side (that car was later towed out of there to safety, after the doors had been ripped off).