Of course, Gothamist caught the essay from Heather Hunter, aka This Fish, in the NY Times' Styles section about the highs and lows of dating another blogger. Our favorite quotes:

- Although good sense told me that blog-stalking my lover's lover wasn't the healthiest approach to the situation, compulsion trumped reason, and I stalked freely.
- From a romantic "rival": "I hate the incestuous nature of blogs," the Photographer wrote. "I hate learning things about people in blogs, reading about someone I know in a blog."

Word up, sister friends. Here at Gothamist, we're certainly not immune to the incestuous blog fabric, but we've learned, because of our propensity to imagine, blog stalk, and general craziness, that we must draw the line at getting too personal. Sure, Gothamist will mention some embarrassing incidents and obsessions, but we're not writing about our dating life...plus, that would be painfully boring. Instead, we stick to the relationships that matter - the ones with pandas, BBQ, and Jerry Orbach.

Meeting over blogs: Good news or bad mojo? Or do you use the Internets for the usual - porn, celebrity gossip, MP3s, and solutions for your ADD?