0807nbandshell.jpgThe Bowery Boys take a look back at the sordid history of the Naumburg Bandshell, which still sits in Central Park (since 1923) "thanks to some tenacious descendants of the man who donated it, Elkan Naumburg." Seems the bandshell's time in the sun has passed, and as the music has moved on elsewhere, it's become a homeless haven. "In the comprehensive 1985 survey by the Central Park Conservancy, it was recommended that the bandshell, never part of the original plan, be demolished or at least moved. Everyone generally agreed that it had become an outdated eyesore." The Naumberg family put a stop to this with a 1993 court case which landed in their favor, ruling that the "destruction of a gift" is prohibited! Ex-parks commissioner Betsy Gotbaum once said that they've made "the best of a bad situation" regarding its presence. More recently, the Brooklyn Philharmonic played there.