The Hulk; Photo - Universal

Honestly, Gothamist wasn't thinking of the Hulk in this way, but because the Chicago Sun-Times brought it up, now we can't help but think. And think. And think. Apparently there was some talk about creating a nude Hulk, but as special effects artist Dennis Muren says, "I guess there were some concerns over ratings, so we decided to put tattered clothes on him...there were some interesting conversations about how the Hulk would look nude. It even became complicated when we decided to put purple shorts on him. The question became 'How tight can the shorts be?'" Clearly, Dennis Muren has never been to Chelsea.

Producer Larry Franco added that a nude scene (with dark lighting, of course) was nixed, because "If we had a nude Hulk, we were worried that kids would try to stop the DVD and look. If we put nothing there, they would be like, 'There's nothing there.' If we put genitalia there, it opens whole other discussions."

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