The Beatrice Inn shut down earlier this year after neighbors had enough of the A-list crowd partying it up at all hours. As the same war is being waged by neighbors of the Jane Hotel, against their late night ballroom antics, word is that the Beatrice may reopen.

Purple Magazine's Olivier Zahm, friend of Beatrice owner Paul Sevigny, posted a photo of someone in front of the shuttered club, saying it will soon be up and running once again.

Meanwhile, someone who is working with Sevigny on getting his club back in business told Gawker, "He's still fighting... But if it reopens, Beatrice won't be the same because of the neighbors, so that plan is to move the controversial party downtown to a space that does not have the same sound issues."

Looks like nightlife is being saved, or at least relocated (until it's all turned into a mini mall).