Yesterday word got out that the Snooki Ball that was supposed to hold the Jersey Shore starlet as she dropped in to Times Square on New Year's Eve, was no longer happening. New Year's Eve canceled! Etc! And then some mastermind got the idea to move the whole production to the Jersey Shore, which makes a lot more sense anyway—if we're operating in world where a Snooki Ball makes sense, which we're not, but pretend we are.

Now Arts Beat got the Seaside Heights folk (borough clerk Diane) on the phone, who tell the site, “It kind of got sprung on us. She’s going to come out and do whatever she’s supposed to do, and that’s it.” But if you are planning a trek out to the Shore to see this disaster with your own eyes tomorrow night, you'll get there a day too late—Diane says the stunt is probably being taped today, for broadcast on New Year’s Eve, and that MTV crews will be gone by tomorrow. If an unexplained empty feeling washes over you tonight, that probably just means Snooki was just unceremoniously dropped in a hamster ball in New Jersey.