Seacrest... in? It's possible that a new generation will grow up with Ryan Seacrest as their Matt Lauer. According to the Wall Street Journal, Seacrest may be the Today show host's successor, if Lauer ends up leaving next year. Some top execs at the network just met with the 36-year-old, who was first really thrust into the spotlight back in 2002, thanks to American Idol.

These are all just rumors for now, however, and this may have just been a meeting about how to integrate Seacrest into the show in another way. While he may be better suited to replace someone like Regis, it turns out that the company he works for, E! Entertainment, is now a part of the NBC family.

The NY Times, who note that the Today show is just one of Seacrest's options, points to a Tweet from an Inside Cable News writer, who asked: “Can anyone picture Ryan Seacrest covering 9/11 if he’d been at ‘Today’ on that date? Didn’t think so.”