obamaseinfeld.jpgDon't go thinking all the fashion talk about the Obamas is geared towards Michelle, Barack has also been getting his fair share of critique since before he even won the election--Tim Gunn approved his style back in June.

Now that he's done campaigning, and has ditched the dark suits, The NY Times is taking a look at his casual side. Belted jeans, sneakers, tucked-in polo shirts...sounds a little like he raided Jerry Seinfeld's closet, no? (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

The paper asked the comedian how it felt to have the President-elect copping his style, and he told them: “I don’t know that I can make a proprietary claim to that look. [But] I’m happy to have the association.

No need to panic until we see the leader of the free world in a pirate shirt, right?