Rumors are swirling that Brooklyn-indie film favorite Noah Baumbach is adapting Brooklyn-lit poster boy Jonathan Franzen's widely read The Corrections for HBO, which could cause white people everywhere to spontaneously combust with joy.

It's all speculative at this point, but the Daily Mail hears rumblings that Anthony Hopkins and Donald Sutherland are both interested in being cast in Baumbach's project, which could be a "dramatic series" instead of a movie. Franzen's book follows the complicated lives of the Lambert family, lead by Alzheimer's-suffering patriarch Alfred (the role Hopkins and Sutherland are supposedly circling).

IndieWire notes that Baumbach's next film While We're Young is "on the backburner" for now. Could this, combined with Terry Gilliam's rumored Paul Auster adaption, be coolest lit-club double feature ever?