Is Brooklyn's McCarren Park scary? A discussion has been started up on the topic over at Street Easy, and while the area isn't like it used to be, some in the thread are wondering if it's "dangerous, or only like Central Park is scary to non-city-dwellers." One commenter sections the park off into three parts, and further separates it into areas reserved for the Polish, the Mexicans and the Hipsters. The area closest to the condos is deemed the safest and calmest, boasting an "excellent running track, handball and bocce courts." The biggest concern amongst the potential condo-buyers in the thread seems to be The Hipsters (the baseball field is "overrun by hipsters playing kickball"), but as one points out, the renovated pool will host "classical and opera concerts, [which is] a good sign that hipster influence is waning here." Though we hear the hipsters are getting way into Le Sacre du printemps' complex rhythmic structures as of late. [via Curbed]