We were going to ignore this story, but desperate times call for... blogging. And desperate times are upon us. Has the rest of the internet familiarized you with JJ yet? The young lad, dressed as an anime Inspector Gadget, met some girl whose name is probably Kristy, or something, on the L train on Halloween night. She was dressed as Lydia from Beetlejuice. They talked, allegedly hit it off, and she gave him her number as she got off at the Lorimer stop. Problem is: JJ (pictured) didn't hit save after typing it into his phone.

So, the hopeless romantic created flyers and posted them all over the Lorimer stop; here's what we know from the flyer: her name is Kristy, Krissy, or Kristie. She has a 484 area code. She got into a fight at a party prior to meeting young JJ on the subway. And she lives off the Lorimer stop, or at least got off at that stop on Halloween night.

With all this attention, we figured these two would be on their 3rd date by now, but JJ just updated Asylum, saying, "I haven't heard from her, but I have received a lot of texts from other people. Most of them have been supportive, wishing me luck and telling me that they hope I find her." So the question is, has this girl—whatever her name is—managed to avoid the Lorimer stop and the internet all week, or is she just not that into him?