The question must be asked. Because just a few weeks ago, he was professing his creepy love for Emma Stone (the video has sadly been taken down), and today comes this: a video of the star outside of his West Village studio, explaining his new role as...small-time street artist.

Sadly, the clip is unembeddable, but here's the gist of it: a weirdly blissed-out Carrey explains that he's "having a lot of fun," has "never felt better in his life," and is kind of bummed that The Man has all these "rules and stuff." He prattles on about how he's just "doing my job as an artist" and introduces us to Baba, the "mischievous being" he created who will "take you to hell if has to to get you to turn toward the light." The whole thing is weird, and frankly, a little sad. What happened to the days of Ace Ventura, pal? We know that breakup with Jenny McCarthy was harsh, but...pull it together, Jim. Don't go all Cable Guy on us now. [via Animal]