Photo via ChristiNYCa's Flickr

"Local" attention whore Cocoa the Goat has been trying to extend her 15 minutes after she was spotted eating pizza in Midtown this past March. Her owner, who she lives with in New Jersey, has been taking her on field trips to the city more frequently... but her presence was brought up as an issue at a Community Council meeting this week.

According to DNAInfo, Cocoa's owner Cyrus Fakroddin has been bringing her to the Village frequently, and "tying up traffic on MacDougal Street," according to the NYPD. The sight of a goat in the city makes some drivers slow down to stare, said Capt. Raffaele Petti at the Sixth Precinct Community Council meeting this week.

Farkroddin has papers for the animal, which make him all legal, and promises, "I don't want to ruin a good thing. I'll move along if we're causing too much of a disruption. I just meet all kinds of people when I go to the Village—everyone from celebrities to CEOs of companies. And [having Cocoa with me] is such a great social thing. If i'm with Cocoa, everyone talks to me."

But maybe it's time to let Cocoa enjoy her suburban homeland, even if it means less connections for her human?