2005_09_sickdog.jpgNew York dog owners are worried that the "dog flu" is striking their pets.
An animal hospital in NJ treated some dogs with the canine influenza, and the CDC and other veterinary organizations are finding more and more cases of the disease. The Post says that while some city dogs have had the flu, all have recovered (at least the ones seen by vets), with one vet saying, "It's not unlike a person having the flu, in that most people feel miserable for a while and get better and everything is fine." But as miserable as it is to see a person with the flu, it's more heartbreaking when it's a dog with "coughs, nasal discharge and fever." Dog coughs are really pitiful. The influenza seems to have originated from horses, as the first cases have been found at dog track greyhounds. Some NYC vets are recommending to freaked out dog owners that they avoid dog kennels and dog parks - and to wash their hands if they touch another dog. Does this mean dogs will get face masks, because it would be sad if they had to miss out on the dog park. And their own hazmat outfits?