We've been thoroughly enjoying Max Silvestri's rants and commentary over at the AV Club, and in his latest piece he takes on Regal Cinemas. The young lad is living the dream out in Williamsburg, just one 11 minute train ride from Union Square... and as such, from Regal Cinemas on Broadway and 13th. But before your face turns green with jealousy, Silvestri says:

"Bragging about that is like a teenager in A Nightmare On Elm Street bragging about how quickly he's able to fall asleep. That Regal Cinemas is the Freddy Krueger of movie theaters, in that everyone over the age of 16 realizes it's terrible and also that the townspeople should have done a more thorough job of burning it to death years ago. Broken ticketing machines, long lines, unhelpful employees, and bad sound consistently make that place reverse fun—everything about it is upside down."

What's going on over there at the Regal! And have you been witness to this new "in-line snack delivery system" they're forcing down the throats of audience members like a fistful of Jujubes?