It's a bit early to announce definitively, but director Stephen Daldry, fresh off of making us cry our faces off with the Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close trailer, is trying really hard to get HBO to sign on for a miniseries-style adaptation of Michael Chabon's modern-day classic.

"I would love to do something for TV... I wanna do 'Kavalier & Clay' on HBO as an eight-parter," Daldry recently said at a press conference for Close. "It'll be so much better as as series, honestly." The Pulitzer Prize-winning book, which follows a pair of Jewish cousins and comic book creators as they grow up in New York in the 1930s and '40s, has been making the Hollywood rounds for nearly a decade now with no tangible end result.

One minor detail is the fact that Daldry doesn't technically have the rights to the book at the moment: "I spent a year working on it with Michael Chabon, so we’re pretty close. And the rights, good question. Will Paramount give them to me? I don’t know," he said. On top of that,
Chabon is currently working on another HBO series, alongside wife Ayelet Waldman and Darren Aronofsky, called Hobgoblin, so as much as HBO loves taking on highbrow pop-lit adaptations (see also: The Corrections), two Chabons might be pushing it. Still, is it too early to start crossing our fingers that Andrew Garfield will be cast as Sam Clay?