Indie-inclined gossip mongers, start speculating now! Bret McKenzie, one half of the short-lived but cultishly adored HBO show Flight of the Conchords is dropping vague tidbits about a possible big-screen adaptation all over the place.

The Hollywood Reporter talked to McKenzie at the premiere of The Muppets—McKenzie was the music supervisor for the film (check out his duet with Kermit!), which was directed by Conchords co-creator James Bobin—and asked him about the likelihood of a Conchords movie. “We’re gonna try and do a movie,” he said. “We just need a story.” Minor details! “I’m gonna go back to New Zealand tomorrow, maybe film it next week. And then edit it the week after,” he joked. “I don’t know how familiar you are with movies, but there’s a lot of behind the scenes stuff that could take one or two weeks. Probably in about a month we’ll have a premiere.”

Bobin, for his part, told StarPulse he's "sure" there will a reunion of sorts between McKenzie, bandmate Jemaine Clement, and bumbling manager Murray Hewitt (Rhys Darby), it's just a matter of scheduling. "I’d love to do it. It’s just a question of what it would be and when we would do it, but I’m sure because that’s what I want to make happen at some point," he said. Let's just hope it doesn't take as long for the gang from New Zealand to get back together as it did for this other much-loved, little-seen TV show.

If you didn't catch the show while it was on the air, here's just a small sampling of what to expect: