Is this rollercoaster ride going to end the same way CBGBs did? At the end of March nightlife mainstay Don Hill died, leaving behind his club, Don Hill's, on Spring and Greenwich streets. Though Paul Sevigny and Nur Khan fully took over operations, the real estate vultures seemed to be circling the one-story building sitting on a prime plot of land in Manhattan. By the end of April it was announced that Don Hill's would close, and a developer would take over the SoHo spot. But now according to the Villager, Don Hill's isn't going anywhere... yet!

Hudson Square activist David Reck told the paper, “They are temporarily closed. The previous guys that Don Hill was involved with weren’t that great and are gone. There’s going to be a new management team coming in—it’s all going to be the same thing. There is some talk about a development scheme two years down the road ... it’s not being sold at this point and Don Hill’s will return in a somewhat different form with new management.” So to recap: it's all going to be the same, but it's all going to be somewhat different?

The "previous guys" Reck is referring to are Sevigny and Khan, who were brought on board by Hill when he was still alive—though Khan was the one recently telling the press that "[the property offered a] moneymaking opportunity," and the plans were to sell.

This all feels slightly similar to the end days of CBGB (albeit, the club closed one year before owner Hilly Kristal died). The power struggles, the money grabbing, the white knuckling on to how things were, the inability to relive the glory days... start thinking of appropriate pizza toppings now, is all we're sayin'.