Reader Elizabeth asked Gothamist if we could get to the bottom of the strange news that Jersey City's singles scene outranked New York City's - Jersey City is 11 and NYC is 18. Alarmed, we got to work. First, it seems that website Sperling's Best Places did a survey with AXE Deodorant, "using 24 distinct criteria including, among others: population density, percentage of singles, frequency of hooking up, dating venues such as coffee shops, bars, and intimate apparel stores and flowers and jewelry bought as gifts." The survey uses Census Bureau numbers, and the study seems to concentrate on singles and population density figures for 18-24 year olds only. There are a few problems with this. Gothamist is confident there are many NYers who live here, but may still have their residency in other states - think college students, think people in swing states, think people who are very creative with their taxes. Also, as anyone knows, there are definitely over 25 singles in the city. Finally, there's another index created that is called "expen.", and we can only guess that it some sort of scale for expenses. And we know that NYC is expensive - certainly more expensive than Jersey City. So, rest assured, dear readers, just because a pit-spread survey says your city isn't teeming with singles doesn't mean it's true.

Here's the list of the best and worst cities for dating. Another Sperling list: Best and worst cities for driving. And speaking of singles, Gothamist is a promotional partner in Single Nights at the New York Knicks, where people will be speed-dating during the Knicks-Bobcats game this Sunday.