It's been over three years since Live Nation made the decision to rename Irving Plaza: the Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza. And it's been over three years that no one has called it that. The NY Times now reports that the old name, and with it the old marquee, will be coming back to the legendary venue by the end of the month. But why now?

Live Nation president Kevin Morrow says they are bending to the demands of fans, and told the paper, “It’s always going to be Irving Plaza in New Yorkers’ minds. That’s where the mistake was made: taking a name and putting it on a building that already had a history and emotional ties with the local music scene.”

Copping to the bad decision was just the first step, Live Nation also had to figure out how to build a replica of the old marquee, which they allegedly tossed in an alley behind the club. A graphic designer has been working on recreating it, getting design hints from the original, now busted-up one. While former owner of the venue, Andrew Rasiej, says, “Changing the name of Irving Plaza to the Fillmore is as silly as changing the name of Carnegie Hall,” we're not convinced this isn't going to happen again if a big $ponsor steps in.