Sometimes there are things happening in this city that would (and could) only ever happen here, whether we like it or not. Thankfully we usually like it. The following are a few events taking place tomorrow that not only seem pretty cool, but somehow encompass why we love this city so much.

2005_06_artsnine.jpgFirst up is 1 More Time for the 9: "A gospel revival and art attack train party". From the people who brought you the Vintage New York Train Tea Party comes a remembrance of the 9 train, which ceased to exist earlier this month. Oh how Gothamist loved the 9, it was our first. Gain some closure with us, say goodbye to the 9, and remember...when the MTA closes a subway line, they open a window. Um, or...raise fares. Celebrate anyway with train art from Foe Designs, Toyshop Collective and Peripheral Media. Live music, trivia contests with prizes, open soapbox speeching and holy rolling. After party in Battery Park. The site requests that you: "Dress to the Nines". Oh how we love puns!

This Thursday at the Chambers Street Station, uptown track, last car, Manhattan. 9pm (but it'll probably be like, 20 minutes late) and FREE. Or, we're guessing, $2!

Next up is Manhunt! DUMBO. For those who haven't experienced running for your life through the city's fair streets, you can now do so. And it's safe! Play hide and seek with a run-like-mad urban flair with the city as your playground, or at least Brooklyn's waterfront. The site really sums it up best with their description: A single hunter seeking a swarm of hunted ultimately becomes a mob of bloodthirsty hunters seeking the lone renegade. We're hoping there is some sort of screening before the game actually takes place. If not, have fun out there kids - and leave your iPod at home.

Also this Thursday at Jay Street and York Street, Brooklyn. 7pm; FREE. Of note: The group plans to join the 9 party after the game.