Inventive Fashion Photographs by Chuck Close, Annie Leibovitz, Vik Muniz is an exhibit of the three photographers work on assignments for mainstream glossy magazines. Their trademark styles mingle with the editorial assignment – expanding beyond the boundaries given to them.

Included in the exhibit are W Magazine's September 2003 tribute to Kate Moss, where she is photographed with an unmade-up face and body. A fashion spread not used to bring in advertisers and/or sell product?! Shocking indeed. According to the blurb we read, these pictures were chosen before Moss had so many problems. Did a time ever exist?

2006_02_ARTS_ALICEINLEIBOVI.jpgNext up is Annie Leibovitz work in December 2003's Vogue magazine, where she re-imagined Alice in Wonderland. Leibovitz's re-staging draws its inspiration from original illustrations but casts its characters from fashion's own fantastical universe. John Galliano played the Queen of Hearts.

Finally, Vik Muniz's fashion "Pictures of Wire", commissioned by the New York Times Magazine in September 2004, re-creates the line and form of four silhouettes from the Spring 2005 season in re-photographed wire renderings. The photographs show the representation of objects, rather than the objects themselves.

With so many boring fashion spreads in magazines, this show may be worth checking out.

Now through March 4, 2006 // Wednesday - Friday, 11am - 6pm and Saturday, 12pm - 6pm // Danziger Projects [521 West 26th St]