2006_03_antitheftbag.jpgOoh, for all you folks who like go out but carry a bag full of goodies with you everyone, be careful about where you put your bag. There have been 54 bag thefts in the past six weeks at bars along Second and Third Avenues in Murray Hill and Lenox Hill, according to the Post's police sources. Bar employees are telling customers to keep their bags on their laps or within their sights, but we know what happens - you drop your messenger bag or purse after a long day of working for the man because you want to get your after work drink on and forget everything. Since it's spring, maybe it's time to clean out your bag, chuck the hobo bag, go with a slimmer model* that you can carry around more easily. And men, think about the European carryall.

And it seems like the bag thefts are hitting the class of New Yorkers mentioned in today's Observer article about the uptalk "Affect" accent. Gothamist is very scared, but we're not sure if it's because of bag thefts or Affect.

*Gothamist has successfully transitioned to a relatively smaller bag, but now we travel with multiple bags, as it's important to have a bottle of water, newspaper, magazine, movie stubs from three months ago, workout clothes and three half-packs of gum scattered all over with us at all times.