The David Prize celebrates New Yorkers who uniquely contribute to the fabric of the city - whether environmentally, culturally or socially. Five winners will receive $200,000 each to further their work, no strings attached. Are you, or someone you know, the visionary New York City needs? Here's the criteria:

  1. You’re a New Yorker. You love, work for, and live in one of New York’s five boroughs.
  2. You have serious plans to contribute. Whether socially, economically, culturally, environmentally (or otherwise), you have a divergent and unique vision for how to make NYC a place where people yearn to live, and concrete ideas about how to achieve it.
  3. You get things done. You’re already a contributor. You have demonstrated capacity and have a track record of extraordinary work, but you haven’t done it all...yet.
  4. You truly need the prize. Funding and visibility could change the trajectory of your work and life, not to mention your block, your borough, and maybe even our city.

Apply or nominate someone today.

Deadline: 12/01/19.

This post is brought to you by our sponsor, The David Prize.