Could the space shuttle Atlantis land in the Hudson? The folks at the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum are crossing their fingers. The NY Times reports that they envision the shuttle, which took hold of the Hubble Space Telescope yesterday, housed in a glass enclosure at the end of Pier 86. They are just "one of 20 institutions that responded by a March 17 deadline to ask NASA about its plan to give away the last of the shuttles: Discovery, Endeavour and Atlantis."

As one might gather from moniker alone, the Intrepid folks aren't ones to back away from the competition. In fact, they told the paper, “We have never shied away from competition or a challenge. This is very important to us, and it would just be an extraordinary, priceless treasure for New York City to receive. You’re going to see a very public campaign for this in the next few months.” If NASA gives the Intrepid the nod, expect a shuttle on display around 2012, after it's "cleared of all toxic chemicals and hazardous materials."