Crown Heights is a neighborhood of many factions: West Indians, Hasidic Jews, gentrifiers and the brokers who love them. Now, a group of 20-somethings are trying to bridge the gap between at least two of those groups using the peace pipe of their generation—Google Glass.

If all goes according to plan, Project 2x1 will be a short documentary shot entirely on the device, a plan conceived when 20-year-old Crown Heights native Mendy Seldowitz was chosen as a "Google Glass Explorer." His hope is that the gadget can unify conflicting cultures, "capturing each community's rituals and routines, their similarities and unique differences." But make no mistake, say the film's makers—this isn't their documentary. It's the people's.

"We are literally walking around the neighborhood of Crown Heights, giving Google Glass to people to record what they see," one filmmaker, Celso White, said in the accompanying Kickstarter video. "This isn't our perspective—its theirs."

Aside from raising the $5,000 needed to cover the cost of production, the team says it also plans to "produce a new community mural" for the 23rd anniversary of the Crown Heights race riots, as well as "help grow Crown Heights’ fledgling community gardens." Will Google Glass pick up a paint brush? Will it wield a garden hoe? You'll have to donate to the Kickstarter to find out. In the meantime, here's an interview they did with DNAinfo.