For a few days this week, we're lucky to have someone from the alma mater as well as someone from our -ist family interviewing a few fine folks: C. Mason Wells.

C. Mason Wells was born and raised in Chicago, and his undying love for the Second City led him to write music and movie coverage for Chicagoist this past summer. His other, less blog-worthy ramblings have appeared in McSweeney’s Internet Tendency and The Mobius Strip, for which he writes a regular column. He currently attends Columbia University, where he "studies" film and wrote the 110th Annual Varsity Show, and moonlights as an intern for Saturday Night Live.

C. Mason's interview today is with Peter Koechley, Staff Writer at The Onion. And Gothamist has really enjoyed the variety of interviews contributed by our wonderful guest interviewers, as well as appreciated their fierce dedication, and starting next week, we'll start introducing our new permanent rotation of interviewers.