The temple is a porno. (Photo by Wally G)

The world was so different the last time Interpol released an album—Taylor Swift was still singing country back then, we didn't know what a Cronut was yet, there was still only one Footloose, and Interpol was playing the United Palace Theatre. Now, in celebration of their first release since 2010, it was just announced that the band will play The Met's Temple of Dendur. Like some real fancy boys.

The show will take place on September 2nd, one week before their next album El Pintor is dropped. And ticket just went on sale, for the fairly reasonable (given the venue) price of $45. You can buy yours here. Not sold? This price includes complimentary wine, beer, and snacks.

Prior to the performance, The Met will be hosting a reception for their new app, which will "allow people to keep in touch with what's on and what's new at the Museum on any given day."

UPDATE: And now it's sold out!