Wedding antics in The Philadelphia Story

Though same-sex marriages are getting more media play lately, there has been an uprising of the prepared straight groom. The Post calls them marrying metrosexuals. Gothamist is very proud that our own Doug Gordon, from Ask Gothamist and the conscientious groom behind the soon-to-married-dude wedding blog, Planet Gordon, was called a "girly groom" by the Post, 'cause it just means we can put that on his business card now. Doug even owns up to getting a facial, in addition to working with a personal trainer and looking into teeth-whitening, "My fiancee wants me to get a facial because she says she doesn't want to stare at my blackheads at the altar. And, hey! I'll oblige!" To the future Mrs. Gordon: Hold on to this one.

Planet Gordon was mentioned on the local ABC 7 tech update (from Sree Sreenivasen) as a top wedding site, and Doug will be speaking on WNYC this Saturday on Public Radio Weekend about groom stuff.