via GMA's Twitter

Last night wasn't the first time ABC's Diane Sawyer would appear to be drunk on air, but last night was probably when she had the most eyes on her as she slowly slurred her way through a broadcast. While she wasn't quite at the level she was during Obama's Inauguration...

... she did seem to have a nice buzz going—watch as she props herself up, slurs, and gets more than one concerned look from co-anchor George Stephanopoulos:

In this video she even calls the president "Barack Orama." THR notes she was "acting so erratically that people thought she’d suffered a stroke." Naturally, the Internet responded:

But keep in mind, Sawyer is 66, and she may have just been exhausted... or too busy to eat before uncorking the Chardonnay. And finally, here's some classic footage from Sawyer's earlier years: