As we approach one year of living in a world of isolation, it is no surprise that New Yorkers want to step out of their black & white home lives and go hug a rainbow in the streets of Manhattan.

Prismatica, an interactive "glimmering winter kaleidoscope," is now beaming hopeful hues into eyeballs at Broadway between 39th and 40th streets. The open-air light show seems to be bringing people a little bit of joy, or at least content for their Instagram feeds that depicts joy, even if the original poster stopped feeling anything about 3 months ago.

(How's everyone doing?)

While dancing street crystals may not have been my thing pre-pandemic, I get it — I too would very much like to be outside of my apartment, zoning out to their brilliance right now. I have not seen rainbows or other humans for quite some time.

(I'm fine!)

The outdoor display consists of 25 six-foot-tall pivoting prisms, which you can spin (please bathe your hands in sanitizer afterwards) as they reflect the colors of the rainbow — day or night — and fill the plaza with musical sounds (but never filling that void in your life formed by the pandemic).

Prismatica (courtesy of The Garment District Alliance and DOT Art) is around until January 30th. After that the HOPE sculpture will have to do all the heavy lifting again.